I make unique mobiles that explore ideas, personalities and systems. All of these kinetic pieces tell stories and evoke feelings. Mobiles are dynamic systems of balance. The balance that mobiles demonstrate call into our experience our own sense of balance. I am bringing mobiles beyond the notion of art into the realm of community and systems awareness. My Community Constellation© mobiles are not only pieces of fine art, they are also processes that invite, explore, and reveal the dynamics of community. Whether in the form of Birth Constellations, which honor the community of friends and family that support the parents bringing a new life into the world, or in the form of Learning Mobiles, which help students explore the balance and interdependency of the systems they are learning about, including their own school, Community Constellation© mobiles bring life and form to the concept of community.


The Quintessential Birth Constellation Mobile

A bright white feathered wine cork-bird-spirit flies around a sphere made from copper wire surrounded by shiny golden and white circles. A burst of rainbow colors is balanced by the weight of the earth and bird.
A child’s first piece of fine art and a daily reminder to parents of their community support structure.

For inquiries and commissions, please contact me via my instagram.