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The Quintessential Baby Mobile

A bright white feathered wine cork-bird-spirit flies around a sphere made from copper wire surrounded by shiny golden and white circles. A burst of rainbow colors is balanced by the weight of the earth and bird.
Baby Mobile suspended from ceiling over babies crib.

When my dear friends commissioned me to make a mobile, but not just any mobile, one to bless their baby daughter, I got inspired. How do I tell the story of birth, of matter and spirit, mother and child, and the birth of a soul into a sensate reality?

First, the beginning. Energy and light dance. They spiral around each other to become form, shape. Their spinning creates a shape which distinguishes them from the all-that-is from which they emerged.

A colored pencil illustration of

A sphere within a sphere, crafted from one continuous wire. The yolk within the egg. The embryo within the belly. Earth within the atmosphere.

Existence is filled with objects nested and nestled within each other.

Did you know the egg actually chooses the sperm that it is fertilized by? Many sperm meet the egg, and the egg chooses one.

A drawing of a hexagon. Pointing inside from each corner there is a white circle outlined by a blue accent, with a tail extending out side of the hexagon balanced by a golden ellipse.

The hexagon is the molecular symbol for the carbon atom. A carbon atom can form bonds with as many as four other atoms at the same time. This allows carbon to form the long chains of molecules that can become DNA, the basis of life on earth. We are carbon-based life forms.

A colored pencil illustration of a small sea stone counterbalancing a "bird" made of a wine cork and feathers.
We don’t know by which mystery a unique spark or spirit or soul animates a body. But it does. In life, we can only fly as high as we are counterbalanced by our own grounding. The process of conception leads to the birth of a unique spirit, on its own journey.
A colored pencil illustration of a black circle

The baby is born into the sensorial world. Their eyes open. They see all the colors of the world. Colors, especially those of the rainbow, evoke this birth into light, into sensory experience.

What we call white light, or rather clear light, reveals all of its hues nestled within itself when it passes through a prism. It shows us the rainbow, hiding within.

Perhaps each of us is a prism too. With all of our senses we separate what could be the chaos of the world into seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting, moving and navigating this phenomenal world.

The baby mobile is a physical metaphor of the process of birth. From the moment before conception, with the dance between the egg and sperm, to the moment of birth, when the baby is born into the world of the senses.

I customize them with elements representing the child and parents. From a family heirloom to a feather or a special stone. Each baby mobile is unique.

To commission a unique mobile for the newest loved one in your family, please contact me on my instagram.


A Community Ritual Welcoming a New Life into the World

Upon request, for those who want a mobile which engages their entire community in a powerful baby blessing ceremony, here’s a description of the process.

A Feather

An heirloom

A prayer

New life, a child, is not just a new individual on earth. They are a blessing, a gift, a new center around which family and community will relate to one another.

Every individual is a unique self. The true imprint of that self is the constellation of other beings it touches and inspires: how a being connects new lives together.

The new life community blessing is an active community ceremony which offers the unique circle of family, friends and supporters to share an element, a gesture, a promise, a prayer, in a circle together.
What does it mean? What does this object represent to you? Is this object a prayer, or a promise, or a power symbol that you’d like to offer into this new beings life? 

Bringing these physical representations of our metaphysical intentions together into a living piece of art which moves in the wind and balances all of our unique elements together into a unified whole is a physical manifestation of this child’s community and support structure. It is a child’s first piece of fine art and a daily reminder to parents of their community support structure.