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Harness the Power of StoryBuilding

Imagine a world where the stories that shape our culture are ones of empowerment and possibility instead of anxiety and fear. Imagine the amount of energy and action you can unleash by telling a better story.

"Make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone."

Buckminster Fuller


I'm Noah

I grew up in Southern California. As a child I built balsa wood airplanes and used to hide sculptures in the produce of the grocery store to give weary shoppers a smile. Now I make public art and do community storytelling and public speaking to reconnect audiences with nature and possibility and humanity. I host community storytelling and sacred fires. Around the fire we all find our voices and learn to sing together. I'm here to bring us back into connection with the natural world, myth and one another through spoken word, art and community ceremony.


Bringing the Power of Story back into our Communities and Purpose-Driven Organizations

  • Collaborative Story Experiences that crystallize new possibilities for organizations and communities
  • Community Ceremony that integrate body and spirit with new initiatives and visions
  • Story-Crafting that guides professionals in honing and delivering your mission and vision with impact and engagement
  • Bringing the ancient tradition of live storytelling back to communities

I've worked with numerous branding and consulting agencies but...

in one short story building consultation with Noah I got more clear on what the story is to tell that inspires people to want to get involved. I feel more confident getting my message out now. Noah has an approachable way about him and comfortable process. I felt seen, heard, and that he really understood the program I was developing, this helped in defining it for marketing and presentation purposes. Noah helped clarify what the key words and messages were, the words that really touch people and move towards action. He asked good questions that made me think more deeply about how I am describing the program and brought out the true essence of this work! Noah also watched my presentation and gave valuable feedback that helped strengthen the presentation more for future events. 

I highly recommend Noah. He has a gift with story telling, how to craft a message and get to the true essence for the key phrases and words to use that will help get the results you are looking for. He understands the structure and can track and combine multiple things to help make the message more clear and enticing. If you need help with sharing your story or working on branding, Noah

Katrina Zavalney  //  Aranya Solutions Nepal

I'm back on fire about my project again.

I'm excited being back in the writer's chair. Noah's help to streamline my story and focus it on what really moves it forward has brought new life and energy to my writing process.

Rehmannia Dean Thomas  //  Author

So much yesss!!! ♥️🤗🌈

My system was shifting on cellular level during Noah's story time.

Aleszea Blanche  //  Programmer, Actress, Activist

Who I Work With

Passionate people with engaging ideas. Are you committed to helping the world be a more ecological, equitable, compassionate and creative place? Do you have a mission to serve people, to protect the environment, to blow people's minds with new ideas, art and technology that serves the greater good? Good. Me too. I'm excited to hear about what you are working on.

What you are working on!

  • You want help writing and delivering an important talk or presentation
  • You're launching the business you've been thinking about, but when you tell people about it their eyes glaze over or they start swatting at flies that aren't there...
  • You're looking for people to invest, contribute, donate, engage, but your story just isn't quite getting them
  • You're hosting a conference or gathering and need some engaging stories to bring the moment to magic

I help mission-driven people discover the heart of your story to move your audience to action.

If you would like to have a quick chat about how I can help you, enter your information here and we'll schedule a good time.