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"It really takes a community to raise children, no matter how much money one has. Nobody can do it well alone. And it's the bedrock security of community that we and our children need."

marian wright edelman

Activist for children's rights


A Community Ritual

Welcoming a New Life into the World

A Feather
An heirloom
A prayer

New life, a child, not just a new individual on earth; 
a blessing, 
a gift, 
a new center around which family and community relate to each other.

Every individual is a unique self but the true imprint of that self is the constellation of other beings it touches, inspires, how it connects new lives together.

The new life community blessing is an active community ceremony which offers the unique circle of family, friends and supporters to share;
an element 
a gesture 
a promise 
a prayer in a circle together.

What does it mean? 
What does this object represent to you? 
Is this object a prayer or a promise  or a power symbol that you’d like to offer into this new beings life? 

Bringing these physical representations of our metaphysical intentions together into a living piece of art which moves in the wind and balances all of our unique elements together into a unified whole is a physical manifestation of this child’s community and support structure.

The Blessing Ritual

From a simple ceremony that I guide you through culminating in your child's first piece of fine art to a curated experience of community ritual, I listen to your vision and craft a baby-blessing unique for you and your community of friends and family. 

Song-circles and sharing,

belly-painting (which is super-fun by the way),

the prayer & promise circle,

all weave into the fun of having your friends and family together to welcome your new life into the world.

I create with a team of artists; singing coaches, musicians, photographers and videographers to curate an unforgettable experience catalyzed and memorialized into the expression of your babies unique, community co-created mobile.

Sleeping under your mobile...

Is a wonderful feeling. I feel protected at night, like someone/something is watching over me. I love watching it move during the day, understanding totally how your dancers mobile evolved...

Rima Muna  //  Artist, Teacher, Mom

Your mobiles are all so amazing - 

I can't even imagine what delight and wonder a baby would experience looking up at one of those from their crib!

Mary Beth  //  Author

So much yesss!!! ♥️🤗🌈

My system was shifting on cellular level during Noah's story time.

Aleszea Blanche  //  Programmer, Actress, Activist

"Above all we need, particularly as children, the reassuring presence of a visible community, an intimate group that enfolds us with understanding and love, and that becomes an object of our spontaneous loyalty, as a criterion and point of reference for the rest of the human race."

Lewis Mumford

Sociologist, Historian

I'm Noah

I grew up in Southern California. As a child I built balsa wood airplanes and made people out of twist-ties that I'd hide in the fruit piles at the grocery store to surprise weary shoppers. Inspired by Calder in college, I began making healing mobiles and baby mobiles for my friends and family. I host community storytelling and playful rituals to reconnect us with the deep human that we all remember when staring into a fire at night sitting under the stars. I make art that celebrates the beauty of our humanity.

I welcome the power of community and our human hearts into the celebration of life.

For inquiries regarding baby-blessings and sculpture commissions; I look forward to having a conversation with you. Please message me here.

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