Hi Friend!

Noah here.  I'm here at Sunrun, the largest, most reliable solar company in America.  We are offering a really awesome promotion THIS WINTER, and I am making sure you take the chance to help yourself, help a friend, and make the world a greener, cleaner place...

EARN $1000 BY Introducing
this Year

Hey, it's better than giving the marketing money to facebook (yuk) or google (yeesh). I'd rather YOU get it.

Seriously...no BS.   This is a real promotion being offered by Sunrun to incentivize the power of word of mouth, and I am offering the opportunity for you to make some extra cash while contributing to the future of clean energy.

It's simple. People are going solar.

It's just a matter of when, what company, and who gets paid for connecting them to us.

Will it be a rep at Home Depot or Costco?

Will it be an annoying and misleading facebook ad?

Will it be a google search result?

If so, those people and 3rd party advertisers are earning a lead fee to connect your friend to us.

But you're friend will most likely end up on a list called by DOZENS of companies.

OR, they can just get a casual, zero-pressure, free consultation with me, and if solar works for them, you'll receive what we would have had to otherwise pay to a marketing company. Simple as pie.

Check out the video below to see what kind of world each introduction you can make is building:

What does decentralized power mean for our communities?

Here's The Deal in Summary

  • Introduce me to a friend so they have the info to know if solar is right for them during a 0 pressure, educational consultation.
  • If they sign up by the end of the year, you get a $1000 referral cash card (Usually it's $350, but we are doing our own green new deal)
  • Each State has its own rebates and incentives, for example, solar systems in
    • Massachusetts can qualify for a (basically) FREE LG Battery Back Up.
    • New Jersey offers $1000's in TRECS.
    • Illinois is subsidizing $1000's of  your solar costs.
    • California and Hawaii have battery back up ready to keep your home powered through blackouts.
  • The list goes on. Enter you or your friends contact and I will help you get the value of your State and Federal incentives.

That's it!