Hi Friend!

Noah here.  I'm here at Sunrun, the largest, most reliable solar company in America.  We are offering a really awesome promotion THIS FALL, and I am making sure you take the chance to help yourself, help a friend, and make the world a greener, cleaner place...

EARN $1000 BY connecting
this FALL 2020

Hey, it's better than giving the marketing money to facebook (yuk) or google (yeesh). I'd rather YOU get it.

Seriously...no BS.   This is a real promotion being offered by Sunrun to incentivize the power of word of mouth, and I am offering the opportunity for you to make some extra cash while contributing to the future of clean energy.

It's simple. People are going solar.

It's just a matter of when, what company, and who gets paid for connecting them to us.

Will it be the rep at Home Depot or Costco? Will it be an annoying and misleading facebook ad? Will it be a google search result? If so, those people or 3rd party advertisers are earning a lead fee. , Check out the video below to see what kind of world each introduction you can make is building:

What does decentralized power mean for our communities?

Here's The Deal in Summary

  • Introduce me to a friend so they have the info to know if solar is right for them during a 0 pressure, educational consultation.
  • If they sign up within the fall of 2020 (Currently by November 30th), you get a $1000 referral cash card (Usually it's $350, but we are doing our own green new deal)
  • Each State has its own rebates and incentives, for example, solar systems in
    • Massachusetts can qualify for a (basically) FREE LG Battery Back Up.
    • New Jersey offers $1000's in TRECS.
    • Illinois is subsidizing $1000's of  your solar costs.
    • California and Hawaii have battery back up ready to keep your home powered through blackouts.
  • The list goes on. Enter your or your friends contact and I will help you get the value of your State and Federal incentives.

That's it!